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Updated: May 8, 2020

Are you a local business needing help?

After watching our local beaches, towns, cities and country grind to a holt over the last 6 weeks, our lives, families and business all being caught up in the chaos, lets just say it’s been a pretty emotional ride for all of us. Everyday our thoughts go out to those less fortunate and we keep our fingers crossed for the future ahead.

There has been some positives, although not many it has united most; human beings again. For example neighbours coming together to clap for the NHS, the compassion shown by communities helping keep their venerable safe and local business and key workers taking risks to provide essential services. For this, we will be forever grateful.

Like most other businesses we are feeling the effects, but we remain working, and we are staying positive. Having said we feel it is a good time to offer our services, free of charge, no ties, simply to help local businesses get back up and running through these uncertain times, taking care of your branding, print, digital or social aspects.

We are small creative studio based in Newquay. We like to work closely with our clients to build impactful brands through design. Our studio works with other creative individuals throughout the South West, London and Nottingham.

As a small team Jono & Steve have created the perfect design studio with the right balance of creative skills and marketing knowledge to deliver a well rounded range of services. Providing clients with a brand that they are proud of and want to showcase is what keeps our studio thriving. We will always keep your brand identity at the core of your project as this is what makes great graphic design work.

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